Safety Insurance Sponsors Guide for Parents and Guardians of Teen Drivers

It’s nice to see another Massachusetts business doing their part in helping guide and educate young drivers. Safety Insurance, along with Safe Roads Alliance is providing “The Supervised Driving Guide” for Teen Drivers who get their permits. The guide is provided at no cost to new drivers and their families and has 11 driving skill sets for a new driver and provides parents guidance on how to approach driving lessons while the Teen is learning. The electronic version of the guide can be found at

Many thanks to Safety Insurance for helping to keep our teen drivers safe. Safety is the second Massachusetts carrier we represent who has stepped up in an effort to help young drivers. Arbella and their Distractology van is still touring the State teaching teens the dangers of texting and driving. These are two local companies that are giving back. Try to remember this the next time you see the cash extracting Lizard or Flo who want bottom line profits while giving back nothing!

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